Printable Mother’s Day Gift Templates for Canva

Printable Mother’s Day Gift Templates for Canva

Have you just realized that the perfect gift you ordered online won’t arrive in time? Are you planning to gift something intangible but make sure your meaning is felt in the moment? No room in your budget right now, but still want to show thoughtful appreciation?

Let’s put an end to those worries with three simple Canva templates you can easily edit by popping in a new image and changing text and colors – making your non-physical gift feel personal and beautifully presented for your loved one.

Take these templates and make them your own – this Mother’s Day or for any occasion!

The Online Gift Template

Just drop in an image, copy the product description and add a personal message to show you put in the effort, even though things didn’t go as planned.

The Late Online Gift Template

I’ve seen the scenario play on repeat at countless showers, events and celebrations where a gift was purchased online, failed to arrive in time, and the guest of honor was presented with a wrinkled, formerly-folded order form along with the words “sorry but this is what I bought you” or worse, no gift at all.

If your online order won’t arrive in time, don’t fret; just drop in an image of your item from the online page, change the text, and use Canva’s other features to make this template your own.

The Gift Certificate Template

No budget? No problem! Think of something that would be truly meaningful for your loved one – then create a fancy set of coupons or a gift certificate with this template! Whether it’s dinner, a back rub or a future fun outing, present it beautifully.

The Gift Certificate or Coupon Template

I’ve definitely been in a situation where I wasn’t sure what to give – or with few funds – and wanted to come up with something creative and heartfelt that would bring joy for a long time and be useful to them.

If you know the person well, it shouldn’t be too hard to think of something that they would love to not worry about or be treated to at a time of their choosing. Why not create a single certificate or set of coupons (or an entire booklet!) for something that you can manage like cooking, tackling a project around the house, a back rub, or a chore they hate? That’s giving the best gift of all, unexpected free time to do whatever we want, right?!

Use this template and change out the text for the activity or task you know they’d love most. Bonus points for funny!

The Quotable Notecard Template

Choose a quote that matches your feelings and add a personal message that is short but sweet. Change the fonts and colors to ones the recipient will love, or use these.

The Quotable Notecard Template

If your gift is a little impersonal like a gift card you’ll want to add a personalized touch, but you might not want to make the trip to the store to pick out and buy a traditional card. Use the Quotable Note Card Template to accompany your gift!

Just choose a quote that matches your feelings and will make them smile (hello, inside jokes), and add a personal message that is short and sweet. Change the fonts and colors to ones the recipient will love, because I have a strong feeling they might put this on their fridge for awhile.

I hope that one of the templates helps you share love and appreciation with another. Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions for me below or via the contact form.

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