Graphic Design Intensive Course

This is a graphic design course for anyone who wants to learn with 1-1 attention, a personalized curriculum, and come away with practical skills that you’ll be able to use right away.

We’ll teach you how to use Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop on projects that will prepare you for a career as a graphic designer or round out your digital skillset in a competitive job market.

You’ll finish the course with the software competence, understanding of design principles, and project planning experience that will have you confidently creating dynamite designs on your own in real world situations.

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Design Tools


Process & Theory


Brand Creation


Business Reality

Learn directly from a seasoned graphic design pro and confidently create for work or for fun.


In six weeks, students in the Graphic Design Intensive Course will go from zero design experience to having the specific technical skills and industry knowledge needed to confidently translate creative vision into dynamic graphics and other media using the “big three” Adobe programs: Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign.

This course is more effective than other learning formats you’ve tried in the past because the bite-sized, easily digestible lessons and exercises are designed to progress from foundational knowledge to advanced tools, actions and techniques, intuitively building upon the industry-standard technical skills in ways that will leave you with a firm grasp of the concept instead of confused and frustrated. 

Alongside the extensive technical lessons, we’ll cover the fundamentals of design theory, typography, and workflow process tips. This comprehensive curriculum ensures you have the foundational framework in these areas so that when you go out into the real world to complete projects on your own, you’ll make design decisions with confidence and exceed all expectations.

Who is this course for?

1. Design Tools

In this section we will learn the technical basics of the three industry-standard graphic design programs: Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop. You’ll become comfortable with the key tools of each program and know how to choose the best software for each project. We’ll burst out of the gate by creating several practical deliverables. Upon completion of this section you’ll have a strong foundation of how to use each program and confidently speak using graphic design terminology.

You'll Learn
  • Illustrator
  • InDesign
  • Photoshop
2. Process & Theory

In this section we will cover design and typography fundamentals and break down an effective design process from research to execution. The projects in this section will advance your skills in each design program and show you how to get inspired and generate fresh ideas for every project you approach.

You'll Learn
  • Fundamental Elements of Design
  • Typography Principles
  • Intermediate Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop
3. Brand Creation

In this section you will take the introductory and intermediate technical skills you’ve now learned and master more advanced tools and techniques. Combining these skills in a start-to-finish branding project that tests all of your new skills and will prove you can confidently design on your own in the real world. You’ll complete this section with the ability to confidently present, defend and critique design concepts and with the know-how to translate received feedback into desired outcomes.

You'll Learn
  • Present and Defend, Critique and Receive Feedback
  • Implement a Brand System
  • Advanced Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop
4. Business Reality

In the final section, we address design in real world scenarios of today including project management, careers and design, and putting yourself in the right rooms. We’ll role play professional scenarios you’ll encounter and workshop resumes and portfolios. At this level, we’ll fully focus on the specifics of your design goals and make sure you are prepared for your future in graphic design.

You'll Learn
  • Project Management
  • Careers and Networking
  • Roleplay Exercises
What will you create?

In this course you’ll design logos from scratch, multi-page presentations, iterative social media posts, and a personal brand identity system complete with mark typography and color palette.

At the end of the course, we’ll help you create a design portfolio piece filled with dynamic projects that show off your new abilities.

Included in the Course

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1-1 Attention and Feedback

In our one-on-one meetings you’ll receive personalized, hands-on feedback from Autumn to answer questions on your specific goal and current or future projects.

Creative Community Group and Chat

Find support and community among fellow designers in our online group where we discuss the future of design and actively continue to grow and learn. Share new techniques, discover resources, and give and receive feedback on your projects from Autumn, other students and alumni.

Personal Portfolio and Brand Kit

You’ll leave the course with an intentional representation of your personal brand in the projects you’ve created. Whether designing for a company or yourself, you’ll leave an impression.

Self-paced, Flexible, Forever

This graphic design course is structured enough to effectively guide you to real results, with flexibility to move at your own pace. Make your way through the mapped-out course journey and don’t quit till you’re proud! We’ll be cheering you on!

Your Instructor

They say I make learning easy and breezy.

I’m Autumn, a graphic and web designer, brand consultant, and creative director with over a decade of experience working in an intentionally diversified mixture of creative in-house, consultant, and freelance roles. Along the way, I have refined my expertise to cultivate first-rate software skills, a fast-track formula to great design aesthetic, and the business acumen to make design better through thoughtful analysis and collaborative feedback.

After years of naturally guiding professionals of varying backgrounds, ages, and experience levels to mastery of design software, skills, and workflow processes, I am now on a mission to open up creative and career possibilities to others by combining my expertise, resources, inspiration, and passion to teach graphic design and other digital skills to a wide audience.

Autumn Martin

Founder and Lead Creative, Glambeau Design

A different online learning experience
Tailored to your personal skill level and goals

In your weekly personalized meeting time with your instructor Autumn, you will talk about your specific goals, review projects you’re working on both in and outside of class, and work side-by-side (on screen) to see real progress on your personal journey.

Never alone with 1-1 support

You’ll learn from a university-trained graphic and web designer with over a decade of design and creative leadership experience across a wide range of aesthetics, industries, and professional settings.

Structured for flexibility

Follow the planned curriculum and you’ll soon begin compounding your design knowledge or move at your own pace depending on your individual needs. Revisit the material at any time because you’ll have forever access.

An instructor with tested experience

Together we’ll design a custom curriculum that fulfills your personal goals as a designer, covering the types of projects you want to be able to create. Your curriculum and 1-1 meetings will be a focused, intentional space to ensure you get the most out of the program.

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Student Testimonials

Working in real estate I need to be able to react immediately to market changes and client requests and update my marketing materials at a moment’s notice. Now that I know how to design, I can make changes to my fliers, signs and other marketing whenever I need to without waiting on another busy person to go back and forth with.. I’m going to redesign my old logo next.

Ben B.

In my role as a marketing manager I was unsure about giving direction to outsourced designers and often didn’t get the results I wanted, even after several rounds of revisions and increasing costs. Now that I can clearly communicate my vision, I give better direction, we work faster, and I can even create simple designs myself that look professional and on-brand instead of templated.


When I graduated from design school I didn’t really know how to use the skills I learned in a way that would translate into the workplace or how to stand out from other brand new junior designers. The advanced skills I’ve learned and intentional projects I added to my portfolio will help demonstrate to employers that my education is ready for the real world. I know I’ll get my first design job soon!

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